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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
  Yay melbourne cup! Well today was the melbourne cup and i picked the winner! Sweet as!

Well last night i went to a halloween party/bek bday party. Got really trashed but not as bad as zowie. We went trick or treating scored a 6 pack of scotch and lollies.

Hmm steve just knocked on the door. Its his bday forgot to go down. Ok going now. ahhh more drinking

Tuesday, October 25, 2005
  Stop reading Hmm i almost died yesterday was pretty crazy. I dropped al off at lavi and while i was driving home a car was on the wrong side of the road driving at me. Hmm well i had a trunk on one side of me and trees and signs on the other side. He was traveling really fast so i'm like hmm i'll just brake. Then all of a sudden he just turned and slammed in to a pole. I'm like fuck! was the loudest smash i've ever heard. So i got out and about another 5 cars stops. He was ok his car was F'd people kept asking me if i was ok i'm like yeah he didn't smash in to me he smashed in to a pole. Anyway i thought it was really odd what i was thinking basically it was Hmm wake up dude don't smash in to my car. My car means heaps to me. oh yeah and it was kinda shameful cause i was in my pj :)

I think the world is against me cause on the way home a car hit in to my side mirror. Me and al are like what the fuck!

we hurt the ones we love the most
it's a subtle form of compliment

I don't care if you talk about
I don't care if write it out in stone
Whenever i fall i land on my feet
I don't care, i just don't care *I Don't care shakespear sisters 
Monday, October 17, 2005
  What am i really pissed about? Ok i got a phone call from fuck face hmm people might not know who that is so i better use names peter :(.
Ok he called me up cause he was depressed talked about sucide. Told me how he F'd troy over i'm like yeah great but of course he didn't feel gulity about that. He didn't care at all. No what he cared about is the fact he is a nice guy but never gets what he wants. Sorry when did you become a nice guy. He goes i've changed i changed because of you but alot of good that did because you don't want me. HELL FUCKIN NO i don't want you and what sort of nice guy fucks girls over hmm. But oh wait after 2 hours on the phone the real reason he has called comes out. "Alison the only thing thats going to make me feel better and get me out of depression is if you come over and fuck me" Hmm lets see um No go fuck troy or jess. I ended up hung up on him cause he said i was a liar. Geeze i hate being called a liar from the king of all liars. Anyway he called me back and stupid me answered. His like i know you said u like someone but "He'll never know hows he going to find out" Gah geeze i love that sentence. Yeah he really has changed. I don't know why he calls me cause he wants me back and wants to sleep with me but then the whole phone call he insults me. After 3 hours on the phone to him sucide sure was looking like a good option he just hurt my brain.

But its not the phone call that pissed me off. Its because i let him get to me. I just want to scream or cry or something. I hate how he has this power where he can totally destory me. His the only one i've loved i can't see myself falling in love again just to give someone that power all over again. I know the idea is to find someone that is nice and won't use the fact you love them against you but taking that risk i don't know if its worth it or if i can even do it. I had the best day and he totally just fucked it. Why didn't i just not answer the phone cause i'm stupid and care about him. Serously he made me feel bad about not going over there how stupid is that. Gah!

and i'm
supposed to be strong
& have
all the answers

in the
new church of cancer

but i'm
nothing special
i'm not unique

i have
many secrets
& i
eat the weak

and i'm
at an end *Otep
Monday, October 03, 2005
  Back in wodonga! Well back in wodonga and you'll never guess what i'm doing! Quiting drinking. Yep going to be hard but i really want to grow up abit and mature can't do that when i get blind every night.

Everyone was in shock when i came back on saturday.

jamie; with korati ill kick your ass hear to tienemin square

you are the perfect drug.

how to turn alley on!!!!!!

* suck her on the neck like a vampire

* kiss her on the iner thigh

*watch porn for hours with her!!!! ( a big one )

*play nin hand that feeds

*feed her garlick pasta in a romantic way

*be smarter than her so that dibates can be made fun. ( hint hint )

*ask alley cat 
Saturday, October 01, 2005
  Son, when you participate in sporting events, its not whether you win or loose, its how drunk you get. Ok i've missed a couple of days so i'll update you. I CAME 2ND IN A DART TOURNY :) yep i don't even play darts geeze i'm a champ lol. I also would like to note that phat came last heheh. I got really drunk. We spent the day at the pub playing pool then i got home and drank a bottle of fairyfloss, then to the golf club for darts which = shots and beer.
The bar guy knew me i was way weirded out. He was i think in the year above my brother a hot surfy guy. He was like your alison right use to live in tuross i'm like yeah i'm sorry i don't remember you and so he started telling me who he was still i'm like ummm. I can kinda remember him now. Anyway it was kinda cool Cute guy remembers me yay.

Yesterday went to lunch with dad then to the pub with ash and shane. Won 2 out of 3 games of pool then we played the pokies i'm so in love with this one machine! dargons!! then watched dvds with ash.

jacky called starting to really miss everyone now will be cool to see them :)

I've swallowed all your insults
I've swallowed all my pride
You used up all your chances
Can't keep this all inside
Tell me please, Who the fuck did you want me to be?
Was there something I couldn't see?
Never knew this would be so political.
And please, I'm still wearing this miserable skin
And it's starting to come from within
But it's obvious that doesn't bother you Staind Please

Wednesday, September 28, 2005
  Space. It seems to go on and on forever. But then you get to the end and a gorilla starts throwing barrels at you Well yesterday i said how beauitful the day was and how i was heading to the beach. Well i got there me ash and paul went rock climbing. Now i know most of you are think we were just climbing on the rocks near the water at the beach umm no we were rock climbing up the vertical cliffs. I use to rock climb heaps when i was younger i was like the leader and the one that saved anyone that got stuck 1/2 way mean while i almost got stuck 1/2 way. 1/2 way up i was like F i'm so going to die! I was just thinking um this rock could break and i could die. I broke my shoe 1/2 way up too. When i was younger i don't know i didn't think about that i guess i really loved showing off. I love being the hero that everyone looked up to. I loved how people thought i was crazy and wild. so don't care about that anymore funny cause it ruled my whole life not just rock climbing.

Its funny how i always have to go home to learn a lesson. To take a steb back from the pace of my life. My dad keeps saying thank god you look better now you've got some colour.

The not drinking at all thing was kinda really getting to me today so when ashley said do you want to go to the pub and play pool i was like YES!!! played 2 games first i won 2nd ash won and i got a beer! Man so need alochol thinking about it way to much gah stupid weakness.

Going to the bay tomorrow with dad should be good. Daddy daughter time. stainds new cd rules :)

The truth is that I'm not so good
At showing how I feel.
Or keeping my mouth shut
When there's something to conceal.
Or knowing how to love,
Love's not in my memories
How can I rise above
All my insecurities

(Run away) So I can hide.
(Run away) I've mastered feeling nothing.
(Run away) I'm dead inside.
(Run away) Why don't I care?
staind run away 
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
  :) Well just got back from a walk down town with dad. I'm loving this getting up and actually doing something in the day time. Its the most beauitful day outside. I'm thinking about going to the beach and taking some photos with my phone to show everyone where i live.

Well had belly dancing last night. Was heaps of fun :) at first i was like hmm this is so not for me. You'll never guess why i thought it wasn't for me! It was because everyone looked like retarts i'm like How embarassing. Then i'm like pff how dare i judge and then i got in to it and loved it. Even thou i probably looked like the biggest retart there. I had this cool belt around my waist that had coins around it so when i shake my hips it made a really cool noise i'm like so getting me one of these. It was so funny cause one of the dance moves i do all the time.

I'm going to do belly dancing or some other dancing when i go back to wodonga.

Well i'm going to make some lunch. ahh so good to have a fridge full of food :)

Your stupid face just makes me sick
I see you changing every day
To fit into the newest clique
I know you, but everything you do
Is just a part of you, you'll never see the truth
I hate the way you make me feel
I hate the way you think you're real
Your one voice it destroys my one choice Ill nino- what comes around 
What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?

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